Our Vision

For all children to recognize their passions, engage in the learning process and believe in their opportunity for success.


Our Mission

Hive Digital Minds seeks to become a trusted partner in the learning process and help schools modernize their operations to increase parent and community engagement and positively impact student outcomes.


Our Founder

Jennifer Larson has been involved with startup initiatives in the technology and education industries for over twenty years. Her diverse roles have included marketing professional, charter school founder, consultant, parent, researcher, fundraiser and student. She is passionate about education and technology, and finding innovative ways to challenge existing systems to improve results.

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Our Culture

We want our team to thrive. Our founder brings an entrepreneurial energy to the organization – fast-paced, creative and results driven. We balance this energy with a diverse team and the predictable buzz of a beehive – a collaborative effort where our team embraces the corporate strategy and enjoys working together to provide innovative solutions for our customers.