School Technology Plan

Hardware and software systems of yesterday are quickly being replaced by cloud-based, mobile applications and leased devices. What is your school’s vision around technology, data management and storage? Learn more about how your school can develop a long-term technology strategy and the action plan to achieve your goals.



“Assessment readiness is the number one priority for school IT leaders, yet less than 30% report they are fully prepared for online assessments.”

– CoSN 2015 K-12 IT Leadership Survey

Data & Analytics

Schools today are storing enormous amounts of data including student achievement, family profiles and school operations. Yet analyzing this information can be especially challenging because the majority of these systems are not integrated. Learn how to create an integrated data management system so you can make better predictions and smarter decisions around school programs.



“Instructional materials are expected to be at least 50% digital within the next three years.”

– CoSN 2015 K-12 IT Leadership Survey

Mobile App Evaluations

A variety of tech solutions exist for teachers today – email programs, text apps, discipline updates, homework helpers, and the list goes on. How many apps are your teachers currently using to communicate and share information with their parents and students? How many teachers does each family/student interact with? Learn how to streamline communications and develop a process to effectively evaluate new technology programs.