What’s All the Buzz About?

At Hive Digital Minds, we know it takes a community, a collaborative hive, to foster a positive experience in business and in life. We embrace the challenge of finding effective ways to engage employees, customers and community members towards a common goal. We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we have with our partners, continually seeking new ways to work together to achieve results, and creating a positive buzz in everything we do. Welcome to our hive!

SchoolBzz is a solution for busy parents. Our mission is to ensure all parents have easy access  to the tools and resources they need to confidently prepare their children for success in school and life beyond the classroom. Come see what all the buzz is about!

Professional Services

Our team specializes in helping organizations more effectively reach, connect and engage their key stakeholders. From brand identity projects to communication strategies and training programs, our Professional Services team is your partner to help create a thriving community. Learn more about our services. Learn more about our services and training programs.

Our Blog

As parents, professionals and community members, we care deeply about the future of our kids. Over the years, our blog has explored school communication strategies, parent engagement and the skills students need to succeed in the digital age. Read our latest blog.

“When you create an environment designed to support success, you never know who you’ll inspire.”

– Hive Founding Team