Collaborating with School Leaders for over 15 Years

Communication between schools and parents is an integral part of student success, yet trying to keep everyone in the loop is no easy task. From school websites to email newsletters and messaging apps, today’s solutions are highly fragmented and frustrating to manage. Hive Digital Minds is an edtech startup committed to solving this challenge. Our suite of products and services provide a way for school leaders to consolidate many of the communication tools they use so they can more effectively reach, connect and engage all members of their school community. Learn more about our story.

SchoolBzz is a new SaaS platform which takes communication beyond the classroom by connecting everyone involved in a student’s learning journey. Simple setup for schools and flexible to the needs of each user, SchoolBzz transforms how schools share information making it relevant and accessible to all parents and supporters.  Come see what all the buzz is about!

Professional Services

Hive specializes in helping schools more effectively reach, connect and engage their key stakeholders. From communication strategies to student recruitment plans and training programs, our Professional Services team is your partner to help create a thriving school community. Learn more about our services and training programs.

Our Blog

As parents, professionals and community members, we care deeply about the future of our kids. This year our monthly blog explores the skills students need to succeed in the digital age, and the role schools, parents and communities play in preparing them for the Future of Work. Read our latest blog.

“When you create an environment designed to support success, you never know who you’ll inspire.”

– Hive Founding Team