The Story Behind Hive

Live well. Learn much. Laugh often.

At Hive Digital Minds, we believe effective communication is a critical component to building a thriving school community. As parents, we’re tired of the endless barrage of weekly emails and a school newsletter that targets everyone yet speaks to no one. As entrepreneurs, we believe there is a better way, and we’re committed to creating a more desirable solution. Information should be simple, relevant and accessible to everyone involved in a child’s learning journey. Come see what all the buzz is about!

Our Beginning

Our core team first connected in 2004, brought together by a shared vision around school choice. With backgrounds in technology, finance, marketing and healthcare, we provided the business and marketing leadership necessary to turn the dream of a new school into reality for our local community. Over the next six years, and with support from an amazing team of educators, we successfully launched two charter public schools in Douglas County, Colorado.

Learning Through Consulting

By 2009, we were actively involved in the education community as parents, board members, school employees and community volunteers. As competition increased among schools we saw an opportunity to reach beyond our local community and help other schools with their startup, marketing and technology strategies. We began actively consulting with school leaders in the suburban, urban and rural communities of Colorado. School communications and parent engagement were becoming important strategies for many schools.

Our Startup Years

As our consulting business grew, and social media became an everyday norm, we began to brainstorm new and better ways for schools to communicate with their key stakeholders. In 2014, Jennifer Larson (our co-founder and CEO) went back to school herself to pursue her Executive MBA. What began as a feasibility study to better understand the challenges parents face trying to keep up with what’s happening at their child’s school turned into the foundation for our company today. In December 2016, Hive Digital Minds was officially launched in Colorado.

Launch and Growth

We’ve bootstrapped our way through three years of research and development and gained insights from our Consulting Team and school clients along the way. In 2019, we brought our SchoolBzz communications platform to market. Our Consulting Group transitioned into a Professional Services team, adding Google training to their suite of service offerings. We continue to bootstrap our edtech startup and are thankful to the friends and family who continue to support our venture during these early years. Continue our journey at

The Hive Brand

We have modeled our culture after the buzz of a beehive – connected, organized, and productive. Driven by the entrepreneurial energy of our founders, we thrive on collaborating with one another to identify innovative and efficient ways to help our clients reach their goals.

Our Culture

Headquartered in Colorado, Hive Digital Minds is organized around high performing project teams comprised of individuals who are self-motivated with strong communication and collaboration skills.

We are a startup.
Our culture requires a passion for learning (we do a lot of learning!), brutal honesty and creative problem solving.

We are not limited by geography.
The majority of our team members work remotely using tools like Slack, Jira, Zoom, and G Suite to collaborate regularly on projects.

We love what we do.
We are committed to working on projects we are passionate about with people we care about.

We have a life.
We are parents, friends, community volunteers, avid skiers, yoga enthusiasts and world travelers. We believe in giving our team members maximum flexibility to do their best work.

Think you might like to join our hive?
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Our Team

Passionate about Education. Committed to Success.