Building Community

The Honeybee has been around for millions of years. Countless other species have come and gone, but the Honeybee has persevered. Why? One theory is that unlike many other species bees operate as a team, not a dictatorship, making collective decisions based on what is best for the entire hive. And research shows the “group” makes the optimal decision 80% of the time.

Bees have mastered what many of us have yet to realize; it’s difficult to make decisions about the ground floor from the executive suite. Until recently, the only people who understood the ground floor were the people on it. Before cell phones, before email, before the Internet, communication had to be scheduled, and there simply wasn’t time to communicate with everyone.

Customers talked to salespeople, who talked to their manager, who talked to other department heads, who talked to the CEO. This wasn’t inefficient per se, but it left questions about whether the right information was being passed to the right person.

Digital media has changed all that. From Facebook to Twitter to Slack, entirely new collaboration models are being created that impact both our professional and personal lives by enhancing communication.

Instead of the marketing team dictating the sales message, they can track customer responses online and adapt their message to fill any gaps. Senior level staff can quickly and easily access the ground floor information they need to make the appropriate management decision. Teachers can speak directly to parents in real time instead of sending paper notes. Now instead of talking “at” people we can talk “with” them, engaging everyone in the process to achieve a positive outcome.

In a recent McKinsey article a digital hive is described as an “electronic hub bristling with collective activity designed to solve a particular problem or set of problems, to drive new habits, and to encourage organizational change.” The concept of a “digital hive” is introduced as a way to use the latest technology to collaborate and more effectively impact business decisions. In tribute to the Honeybee and their perseverance through collective decision-making, Hive Digital Minds was born.

Hive Digital Minds knows that it takes a community, a collaborative hive, to foster a positive experience in business and in life. We embrace the challenge of finding more effective ways to engage employees, customers and communities. Our goal is to find innovative ways to work together and help our partners achieve results, creating a positive buzz in everything we do. Welcome to our hive!