Families today are spending more time researching the different educational options in their community, but many schools struggle to communicate how and why their program would benefit students. Our Consulting Team helps schools identify, package and promote their educational programs, differentiators and services to prospective families, increasing student recruitment and retention.

Brand Identity

Each school has their own history, culture and vision that influences how they approach education. We help schools identify and share their story through images and content, establishing their unique identity that communicates their values to current and prospective families.

Digital Marketing

As mobile device usage is continues to grow more and more people obtain information from social media. Schools need both a website that translates well to a mobile device and a social media presence to reach their current and prospective families. Our team can take your existing content and create an updated, responsive school website and social media plan so families can quickly and easily find the information they are looking for.

Student Recruitment

School choice has removed the boundaries that traditionally dictated where students go to school, meaning schools are no longer marketing to just their local neighborhood. Hive helps you identify the message that will resonate with prospective families, and help them make connections that will increase enrollment.

Community Outreach

Communication is a cornerstone of every school’s reputation, and positive word of mouth is one of the main drivers of student recruitment and retention. Hive works with you to develop a public relations strategy that promotes your mission and vision throughout your community.